Thứ Hai , Tháng Sáu 5 2023

Bộ điều khiển M5RS-4A-R/K

Bộ điều khiển M5RS-4A-R/K

đại lý M5RS-4A-R/K | nhà phân phối M5RS-4A-R/K | m-system M5RS-4A-R/K

Power supply: no external power supply required

Output protection: Output short circuit unlimited

Temperature drift: ±0.1~±0.5%F.S100°C

Response time: ≤0.1 seconds (0~90%F.S

Ambient temperature: -20~60°C

Ambient humidity: 0~90% RH does not condense

Installation form: DIN rail mounting rail size 35mm

Power protection: with reverse protection

Conversion accuracy: ±0.1~±0.5%F.S

Isolation performance: input / output / full isolation

Insulation resistance: input / output /> 100M

Insulation strength: input / output 1500VAC (1 minute)

Shell: high temperature resistant flame retardant engineering plastic

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