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Bộ điều khiển M5RS-4A-R/K

Bộ điều khiển M5RS-4A-R/K đại lý M5RS-4A-R/K | nhà phân phối M5RS-4A-R/K | m-system M5RS-4A-R/K Power supply: no external power supply required Output protection: Output short circuit unlimited Temperature drift: ±0.1~±0.5%F.S100°C Response time: ≤0.1 seconds (0~90%F.S Ambient temperature: -20~60°C Ambient humidity: 0~90% RH does not condense Installation form: DIN rail …

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Card STOCK Z10874-1

Card STOCK Z10874-1 Panel:D28752-1 and D28753-1 LCD: 40S203DA4 and M402SD07GR 196NT CPU plate:D28672-1,D31705-1 and D31771-1 LOAD CELL: C18305-1,CS6200 and CS19387 196NT power panel:D21231-1 and D21232-1 Tacho-Generator:SZMB-9 Calibration probe:AA21306-1,C23196-1 and C19900-1 A1 card:Z10874-1 A2 card:Z10867-1,C13966-1 and Z10866 A3 card:Z10867-1,C13966-1 and Z10866 LSFD: AA21306-1, AB13837-1, A23105-1, A23105-1, A-20GV22-B and Z0X-2

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Máy cắt CEC/F-7.2JY

Máy cắt CEC/F-7.2JY Cooper CEC/F-7.2JY | đại lý CEC/F-7.2JY | nhà phân phối CEC/F-7.2JY Upright 067491-011 PC Board – EParts Plus BAUMULLER PC BOARD 3.8816A W/ 3.8602Da Pressbend LTD Quadet 2-1 3MCL/DG12/ATE PC Board Barber Colman Process Control (Upper AC) PC Board A-13017-5 #20534 BELL 172516 1/2 HP 60-13S 1-1/2AA …

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